TensorX is a computer science company with R&D and Open Source at its core. What excites us the most is harnessing emergent opportunities that delight our customers without any vendor lockin.


Software Programmed Everything with Intelligence.

Why are we doing it ?

we believe that network facing software architectures that leverage distributed platform capabilities, automation, microservices and data analytics are best positioned to deliver on modern business requirements.

What we do ?

we build solutions patterned on deep concurrency, multiple moving parts, distributed algorithms, microservices architecture, large-scale automation and real-time analytics.

What technologies do we use ?

we use Open Source technologies at all levels of the stack.

Some of the key enabling technologies we use are Linux kernel, Gossip protocols, Docker, Kubernetes, Go, SaltStack, CloudStack, OpenStack, Apache Spark, R, Java 8, C++14, Haskell, Functional programming models.

We also believe that more than ever, the solutions that come up in the open and are vetted by the Open Source Developer community at large are flexible, adaptable and cost-efficient. Those solutions are easy to maintain as well.

Curious ? Got questions ?

Please write to saifi@tensorx.io or sasi@tensorx.io or ragini@tensorx.io and we will be happy to share our perspective.