Meaningful Website Content

At TensorX, we'd like the website to be a point of reference, wherein anyone can visit, review how our thinking evolved and what we decided at a particular point in time, in the history of our company.

A website has to be much more than a set of top-level navigation menus and secondary-level menu within a category.

As an example, let's say you the visitor wants to know TensorX office timings. You visit the website for more information. Next, piqued by curiousity, you want to know, when and why we took the decision. You simply lookup the blog post that addresses the topic of interest.

We have also decided, that we are going to author the content ourselves. In due course, every member of TensorX is going to blog. We believe you the reader will experience a certain warmth in what we have to convey, inasmuch, we'd be keen to listen to your thoughts and feedback.

To paraphrase Julia Cameron, we are exercising, 'The Right to Write'. We are also going to use tools that stimulate creativity, namely Morning Pages.